October 14 & 15, 2009 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The 1st RTI in Early Childhood Summit was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on
October 14 & 15, 2009 with more than 130 practitioners, researchers,
policymakers, and higher education faculty in attendance. During the 2 day
event, all participants had opportunities to learn about what we know and what
we don’t know about RTI in Early Education. Participants had the
opportunity to find out about cutting edge work on new progress monitoring
measures and interventions that can be used in multi-tiered systems of
support, hear about programs implementing RTI, network with colleagues, and
help direct the focus of future research.

Hosted by the Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood (CRTIEC)
and coordinated by Sarah Mulligan and her team at the Division of Early
Childhood (DEC), this event was highlighted with excellent presentations and
provided a basis for future communication among the diverse stakeholders
interested in RTI for young children. The PowerPoint presentations included
here have been generously shared by our presenters and represent their
perspectives on this important topic.

October 14th Program

Opening Comments:

Presenter : Judy Carta

Opening Panel: The View From the Field                                                                                            

Practitioners and policymakers discuss what is needed from research on RTI in early childhood.

PresentersDonna Nylander, Jim Lesko, Tom Rendon

Lessons Learned from K-3 RTI

This panel explores what the field of early childhood education can learn from the implementation of RTI in K-3 as panelists address the challenges faced and strategies for avoiding pitfalls.

PresentersRollanda O’Connor, Scott Baker, Margaret McGlinchey

How Will RTI Work in Early Childhood Education?

A discussion of the challenges of implementing RTI in early childhood and describe lessons learned in carrying out research on 3-tiered models is focused in this panel. What it takes to scale up effective Tier 1 early literacy programs and considerations in maintaining developmentally appropriate practice while increasing instructional intensity are featured as well.


Presenters:  Judy Carta, Virginia Buysse, Susan Landry, & Robin Miller Young


Measurement Panel

Promising practices and remaining challenges in screening and progress monitoring are featured in this panel. Panelists address current status and future directions.

Presenters:  Scott McConnell, Amanda VanDerHeyden, Hugh Catts, Lynette Chandler, and Sheri Haupert

Networking with colleagues



October 15th Program


The Intervention Panel

Panelists’ presentations describe promising interventions that can be used in multi-tiered systems of instruction that focus on early literacy and language in early education.

Presenters:  Howard Goldstein, Laura Justice, Ann Kaiser, Amy Murdoch

The Promise and Challenge of RTI in Early Childhood

Two Researchers who have been developing RTI approaches will offer their perspectives on what RTI can offer the field of early education.


Presenters:  Patricia Snyder and Jeanne Wilcox

Poster Presentations

Impact of Professional Development on Preschool Teachers’ Use of Embedded instruction Practices

Presenters: Patricia Snyder, Mary Louise Hemmeter, Susan Sandall, Mary McLean

Teaching Pyramid Model and the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT)

Presenters: Mary Louise Hemmeter, Lise Fox, Patricia Snyder

The role of Print-Specific Instructional Practices within the Tier 1 Environment

Presenters: Anita S. McGinty, Laura Justice, S. B. Piasta

Student Evaluation of Intensive Preparation in Emergent Literacy

Presenters: Nancy Hunt

Pre Kid Lit: Developing and Testing an Empirically Based Preschool Language and Literacy Curriculum for Children at Risk for Reading Disabilities Using a Components Analysis

Presenters: Barbara Gunn, Keith Smolkowski

NH RESPONDS: RTI for Early Childhood Education in New Hampshire

Presenter: Leigh Rohde

Roadmap to Pre-K RTI: Applying Response to Intervention in Preschool Settings

Presenters: Kathleen A. Whitmire, Mary Ruth Coleman

Development of the Early Learning Observation & Rating Scale (ELORS)

Presenters: Margaret Gillis, Mary Ruth Coleman

Taking a Snapshot of Early Childhood Response to Intervention (RTI) Across the USA

Presenters: Maura Linas, Charles Greenwood, Judy Carta

Embedding Learning Activities in Story Books: Example of a Tier 2 Intervention

Presenters: Howard Goldstein